I thought I’d share with you a vision I received.  

“I saw from quite a way above. I was looking from the sky down to the land. I saw a beautiful part of a country.  There were lots of trees, mountains and green grass. Then I see an eagle flying, in a blue sky. I watch it fly for a while. Then I become higher than the eagle and I see everything. I see a small white church, nestled in amongst the trees and countryside. The eagle then lands on the roof of this white church and waits.” 

Again and again the same scene unfolds. And even when I opened my eyes, it remained in my mind. 


These images are very similar to what I saw. I can’t say for sure but I am very drawn towards the U.S.A. but imparticular Idaho.  I have made a start on the lyrics that this vision has inspired and it goes something like this:

“I see everything

I watch you from way above

Even in the wilderness

No faith is lost

Wherever you are

There I am

You rest on my word

My song is love”

It is said, ‘a picture paints a thousand words’. I will have to go back into the inspiration of the vision to finish the song. 




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