Kingdom Come

2016-05-27 21.37.44

I started writing again. Yay! A musician nicknamed ‘Blind Dog’ has inspired me, to write to his piece of piano music.

It’s a song about going against the grain. It’s about having a faith so strong, that you would stand alone for Jesus. Nothing or no one will sway you. In fact, it’s two pieces of poetry I wrote separately, that seem to go well together….but with many added extra lyrics. I’m three quarters of the way through, but, seem to be stuck there. Lets hope I finish it soon. Then I will share it. Onwards and upwards!


…and Jesus said

It’s been a while since my last blog. I’ve been making instrumental only music. It inspired me into thinking, how cool would it be, to make an instrumental track, and mix  Jesus’s voice into the track. (Ok, not the real Jesus but nevertheless, they’re still His words!)

I went through hours of clips, cutting, converting to mp3 and mixing – not even for a couple of minutes worth of audio track, it was so worth it.

Take a listen and enjoy!