I don’t know how I came up with the concept of this spoken song/hymn. Sometimes I write in the middle of the night, then I wake up and read what I’ve written. This was one of those nights! 


Verse 1

You called me stand before you Lord

From a world that is dark and full of harm

I find in You my strength my future King

Your presence could never be far from me

And when I kneel to talk to You intimately

You lean in tight and hold me near

Chorus (Choir)




Verse 2

The moment I feel my spirit is touched

Anointed by the hand of God

And in my soul I know I’m changed

By the grace of Your untouchable ways

Accepted as a token of Your boundless love

I bear myself up before You Jesus


Jesus’s Gifts

I brought you a lantern

To light you on your way

So even when there’s darkness

You can learn to be brave


I brought to you, love

To make life worth living

So even where there’s hate

You can learn to overcome it


I brought you my faith

When you were blind to see

So even when you doubt it

You know that God is near


I bring you my peace

To quieten your soul

So even when it’s turbulent

I can calm the ocean