…and Jesus said

It’s been a while since my last blog. I’ve been making instrumental only music. It inspired me into thinking, how cool would it be, to make an instrumental track, and mix  Jesus’s voice into the track. (Ok, not the real Jesus but nevertheless, they’re still His words!)

I went through hours of clips, cutting, converting to mp3 and mixing – not even for a couple of minutes worth of audio track, it was so worth it.

Take a listen and enjoy!




I don’t know how I came up with the concept of this spoken song/hymn. Sometimes I write in the middle of the night, then I wake up and read what I’ve written. This was one of those nights! 


Verse 1

You called me stand before you Lord

From a world that is dark and full of harm

I find in You my strength my future King

Your presence could never be far from me

And when I kneel to talk to You intimately

You lean in tight and hold me near

Chorus (Choir)




Verse 2

The moment I feel my spirit is touched

Anointed by the hand of God

And in my soul I know I’m changed

By the grace of Your untouchable ways

Accepted as a token of Your boundless love

I bear myself up before You Jesus